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Graphics/data vis developer working for the BBC. Interested in storytelling using web technology and turning data into graphics – finding the visual angle, wrangling data, and writing performant code.

Recent Projects

Data Vis

Turkish Election Coverage
May/June 2018 - BBC Türkçe
Interactive Results

A series of interactive pieces for the Turkish service before and after the snap Presidential/Parlimentary elections in June 2018. Included: a results dashboard in the week after the election, an interactive explainer of the D'Hondt mixed member seat distribution system and a slider providing information about the party manifestos. I also produced a hex map of the 2018 results, which was the original pitch.

More screenshots: Parlimentary System Explainer Party Manifesto Slider 2018 Results Hex map

Turkish Election Map
22nd April 2018
Turkish 2015 Election Map

Prototype of using the d3 force functions as a starting point for a hex election map - using force-directed circles as a mock up to pitch for the upcoming 2018 elections.

Draw Your Own Graph
12th March 2018 - BBC Persian
Screenshot of an interactive sankey graph
Retooled a d3.js interactive line graph that asked users to predict the graph trend for mobile use and for RTL languages.

Sankey Coalition Builder
4th February 2018
Screenshot of an interactive sankey graph

A small interactive sankey graph which animates as users pick a collection of political parties to form a coalition.

30th March 2017
D3 ASCII bar chart
This was a bit of a non-starter when I realised that Lynx runs no Javascript, but I imagined a world of text and how D3 might be able to do some vis in that world. And this was what I got. Perhaps this could be done server side so Lynx can join in on the graphs.

What If: Proportional US Electoral College?
8th February 2017
A graphic showing an alternative US Electoral College
Data analysis of an hypothetical alternative to First Past the Post in the US Electoral College. Article and vis.


Iran Wetlands Interactive Map
11th June 2018 - BBC Persian
Interactive map of Iran

An interactive map exploring Iranian wetlands and their changing topography. Satellite photography slider over time. Also has progressive enhancement with NoJS/CSS only animated version.

Norouz Countdown/Game
16th March 2018 - BBC Websites
Norouz countdown and drag and drop game

VanillaJS drag and drop game for Persian New Year/Spring Equinox that was reversioned into six languages (Persian, English, Arabic, Kyrgyz, Pashto and Uzbek).

English Farsi

Wealth Calculator
11th January 2018 - BBC Persian and Telegram
Screenshot of the Wealth calculator for BBC Persian

This calculator takes the user's region, housing situation and monthly income, and shows some infographics that show how they compare to the rest of the country. To use it, enter a number in the first box (1,000,000+ will return a result) and select one of the radio buttons on the second question.

Disability season chatbot
11th January 2018 - BBC Türkçe
The chatbot for BBC Türkçe

This is a branching narrative in the format of a messaging app, allowing the user to ask questions to the subject of the video at the top of the article. (The interactive is at the bottom of the article).