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I make elections graphics and other stuff for BBC World Service.

Afghan Election Coverage

October 2018 - BBC Persian/Pashto
TV Interactive Map

Interactive data dashboard for pre-election coverage, and updated with results as they arrived. Also adapted into a touchscreen TV segment that was broadcast on BBC Persian and BBC Pashto.

ISIS Tunnels 3D Model

December 2018 - BBC Arabic/News Online
Interactive map of Iran

An explorable 3D model scanned from an excavated tunnel. User interface was built over the top of a third party 3D tool, and we enhanced how the autoplay camera worked.

Turkish Election Coverage

May/June 2018 - BBC Türkçe
Interactive Results

A series of interactive pieces for the Turkish service before and after the snap Presidential/Parlimentary elections in June 2018. Included: a results dashboard in the week after the election, an interactive explainer of the D'Hondt mixed member seat distribution system and a slider providing information about the party manifestos. I also produced a hex map of the 2018 results, which was the original pitch.

Iran Wetlands Interactive Map

June 2018 - BBC Persian
Interactive map of Iran

An interactive map exploring Iranian wetlands and their changing topography. Satellite photography slider over time. Also has progressive enhancement with NoJS/CSS only animated version.

About Me:

Piano wrangler, composer, and occasional racing driver. Once performed in a sound art concert using paper as instruments.